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Long Range Shooting Experience

Do you want to be able to shoot at long distances: at 500, 800, or even 1000 yards? Do you want to get involved in the long range sport but don't know where to start? Join Ken for a one-day workshop at Virginia International Raceway. During this eight hour workshop you'll gain all the tools you need to be competent and competitive in Long Range Shooting sports!

High-Powered Rifle

During the first half of the course, you'll learn the various factors that affect a bullet's flight over long distances. Then you'll learn how to account for these effects by adjusting your scope using free calculation programs available on your smartphone. Once you understand the factors and how to account for them, you'll put it all to the test in a software simulation program.

Ken instructs his daughter, Hannah

After a quick lunch break, it's time to hit the range! Now you and seven other participants will get your choice of four custom-built high-power .308 rifles (including one with a silencer) to blast away steel from 500 to 1000 yards. Ken will provide one-on-one assistance, helping you to dial in on the target. .

The 800 yard Tower at VIR

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