About Us

Double H Gunsmithing is owned and operated by Ken and Wendy Barfield of Blanch, North Carolina. Our mission is to honor Jesus Christ in all that we do so that others may see our joy in Him, and to offer competent gunsmithing services at the highest level of the trade.

Kenneth and Wendy Barfield

Double H Gunsmithing gets its name from Ken and Wendy's two children: Hunter and Hannah. The farm was named Double H Acres, so the business name fell into place.

Ken's two kids: Hunter and Hannah

Starting with just a Clausing lathe, Bridgeport Mill, and a set of bluing tanks in an old tobacco barn, the business has grown in equipment and square footage over the years. The first customers were friends and neighbors but soon grew to be folks from Maryland to South Carolina. With hardly any advertising, the business has grown from a hobby to a reputable and professional business.

Ken's Bio

Ken Barfield is a 2003 graduate of Peidmont Community College's extensive two year gunsmithing program. His interest in firearms started as a teenager while hunting in the Piedmont of North Carolina and was further developed during his service in the US Army as an infantry paratrooper. After the Army, Ken worked as a maintenance technician in an industrial setting. Working on his father's farm equipment, in an auto body shop and machining tight tolerance parts in a machine shop all honed his skills and prepared him to study what he really loves- guns!

Ken at work

Since completing the gunsmithing course in 2003, Ken has successfully repaired and restored several thousand guns and left his customers very satisfied with the level of craftsmanship he provides. With a heavy investment in tools and machinery, Ken has the experience and skills to do most gunsmithing jobs.

Ken is a shameless Christian with a strong faith that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and Savior of all those who believe on Him. He greatly enjoys hunting and fishing and working on his family farm. His love for the farmland and the woods has kept him in Caswell County most of his life.

F class competition

Ken loves to shoot- right now the flavor is the NRA F Class Long Range (1000yd) Competition. Above is a pic from the latest match.

102 Farmer Rd
Blanch, NC 27212
Phone: (336) 694-5739
Tues-Fri: 1-5pm
Sat. and Mon. by appointment only

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